Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rainbow in a jar

Todays post is short and sweet.... we have been busy here and Im zonked. Not busy in great way either.. All of us ( yup all 5 of us) caught a cold that has a lot of coughing attached to it. Its pretty annoying really and has kept me up all night for 4 nights in a row night with coughing until I throw up ( sorry TMI). Today it turns out, I have Pneumonia caused from having crap lungs and Asthma. Yep thanks, I needed all THAT in the school holidays.... *groan*

Anyways, seeing as the worst you can actually catch from me is a cold, we still did some cool things here the last two days. I had advertised ( very slightly, mind you) that I was doing Art classes at my place for two days. I had one child come. But boy, did she have fun :)

One of the multitude of things we did was to make a Rainbow in a Jar.

Ive wanted to do this for ages after seeing it on Babble, but hadnt gotten around to it. So with our bonus kid here, thats what we did.

We started by mixing the cake mix, and splitting it into 4 different cups ( *ahem* please ignore that my mixing bowls are wine glasses... I have none. They are all in the sand pit) and tinting them. Then, into two glass jars, we began to layer the mixture.
Put glass jars of cake mix into a shallow pan of water and into the oven for about 40 minutes ( I found it needed longer to cook all the way to the bottom)

OK, so ours arent pretty, AT ALL. But when we dug it out....


And it tasted awesome too :)

Easiest piece of fun ever :)


  1. I haven't tried a rainbow cake yet, but I really want to!

  2. I have not baked a cake in a jar. We are going to have to do this. I think I will wait until the fall. It is hot and humid here. The last thing I want on is the oven.