Friday, July 22, 2011

Hot rocks

Yet another day of rainy weather... It's getting ridiculous really!! My washing has been in the line for 4 days now and getting wetter rather than drier... But my two little lovelies were far from swayed from going outside,and manned with brand new $4 umbrellas and cool boots, they had an absolute ball rain birding it :) Sometimes you just have to throw the mum idea of staying inside and staying dry out the window and let them enjoy the moment...

20 minutes later, both decided to come in for a bath and they were happy at my suggestion of some craft.
We had collected large flat rocks awhile ago ( when we did rock mobiles) and I really wanted to do something with them. Hot rocks was something that I wanted to do with Jumeirah in the holidays but never got the chance. I figured with very close supervision and clear guidance it would be something they would enjoy.
Whilst I got them sorted into warm clothes, I put the flat rocks on a tray in the oven at 200 degrees. 10 minutes later, we got them out and I showed them what we were going to do. I explained that the rocks were very hot ( even gave them a quick burn lesson.... Ow) and they couldn't touch them. Surprisingly, they totally got that bit and got straight into using pastels on them.

This craft is incredibly soothing and therapeutic to do. The pastels melt and glide so beautifully across the hot rock, colours blending and running together to create such lovely patterns. Amahli spent ages on her rock, layering colours, enjoying watching the melty wax. Jared wasn't keen on blending colours but he loved holding the pastel and having it slide on the rock.

I was surprised that I didn't have to keep reminding them that the rocks were hot and that there wasnt any problems with using something that could have potentially been quite dangerous with young children. Being organised and keeping a close eye meant that they got to have a fun and new art experience.

Next week we are going to try again for our family time away :) Please send me sunshiny thoughts for a fun and sickness free break. I'll be back soon!

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  1. How cool, I mean hot. The 200 degrees you did it for, is that Celsius? I need to be some pastels for my kids. Charley has just hit this stage that drawing on herself is way more fun than anything else.