Thursday, July 21, 2011


The other day I was blissfully in my own little world, deep inside my head, contemplating the things of life ( whats for dinner/what will I do tomorrow/ how can I win a million dollars...) when Jumeirah gave an almighty yell from the backseat that sent my foot flying for the brake.
"Check that out!!" was the yell and to be honest, Im glad she did :) ( well I was after my heart returned to normal pace...
This is what she saw....

The most beautiful display of clouds Ive seen. Now, my kids are forever screaming random things from the backseat like: " Crocodile!" "aeroplane!" and "icecream!!"... often its what they have seen in the clouds. Sometimes Jared just does it for the shock factor but thats becoming less as he realises how close we have come to ramming up someones car butt....
So today we did a fun arty project were we made our own clouds.All that was needed was white paint and blue paper and we were good to go.
These paintings are made the same way you make a butterfly painting... fold the paper in half, blob paint down the middle and fold over. Press the paint down and then open to reveal a print.
I had Amahli straight over as soon as she saw paint, Jared came once he saw we were making clouds.
I loved watching their faces as they opened up the paper, and then trying to guess what each cloud shape was to them.

"The Penis Cloud"

" a body"

We had a bee, a butterfly, and Jared's very proud " penis cloud".
I love cloud watching.. and I love even more when my bench is covered in the happy art of two busy cloud creators :)

* Down here Im going to ask you for help. Actually no, Im going to beg. Its not something I do very often if at all, but Im a bit desperate. You see, All of my photos are good and all, but not one contains me. Im always the photographer, never the photographed. I can probably count on my hands the number of photos of me with my kids.
Theres a local photographer whos quite awesome and shes giving away a $200 gift voucher to have some photos done by her. And I want to win. BAD.
All you need to do to help me out is to go to Renee Bell Studios on facebook, click "like", and write on her wall " karina baker referred me". Thats all! No biggie, but it will hopefully give me a chance to get me in the picture for once :)

Thanks :)

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  1. Penis cloud...hilarious!!

    I will definitely go over and help you win the gift certificate. On my way now.