Friday, July 8, 2011

DIY lip Gloss

You know how sometimes you think " wow this week could not get any worse" ??

Yup, its worse. Just when I think it couldnt possibly cope with any more, Amahli comes out looking like shes done rounds with Mike Tyson.

I trip to the Drs ( again) reveals she has a really nasty bacterial infection in her eye, and has to be closely monitored now because if it gets worse, shes off to hospital. Great, no??

So this week has been a total right off. Which is horrible because its FREAKIN SCHOOL HOLIDAYS!! and I LOVE SCHOOL HOLIDAYS!! But I have been blessed with the most amazing eldest child who has quietly gone about her days, entertaining herself, feeding the dog, providing love and hugs when needed... I knew I got something special when I got her :)

So I have one more craft for this week, I wasnt going to but seeing as I am taking a little family time out next week, I wont have any chance to post anything up so I thought I should finish the week with something.

Earlier in the week in craft classes I had two little girls pretty busting to do something "really cool". So I pulled out something I had wanted to try ever since I got sent copious amounts of Kool Aid and got them started :)

It easy, its simple, its LIP GLOSS. And wow, is it ever delicious!!

All you need is some small pots ( I got ours from the $2 shop), some Kool Aid, ( our flavour was to be Pink Lemonade. I tried to get them into grape but I lost that battle) and Vaseline.

To start with, we had to melt the Vaseline into a liquid. This was done in 30 second increments for about 7 minutes. We talked about what else melts with heat and came up with : Ice, butter, oil ( doughnut oil which does actually solidify into fat) ice cream... so it was great little sciencey fun too!
Once melted, we stirred in the Kool Aid. It takes a while for the powder to dissolve and the girls left me to this part whilst they played.
Once all dissolved, we poured the liquid into the jars. These then have to be left to turn back into a solid. And seeing as its freezing here at the moment, it was done in less than an hour.
And now we have 10 tubs of gorgeous smelling ( and great tasting!) lip gloss :)
I want to make more flavours... just not quite sure how we are going to get through it all ;)

I will be away from this space until next Friday... I may get a chance to post a photo or two of what we are doing but realistically, I probably will be too tired at the end of each day to do anything but sleep :)
But stick around, I will be back :)


  1. So sorry to hear about Amahli's little eye! I LOVE this idea. This would have been a perfect activity to do in my science classes for making Mother's day gifts back when I was teaching in the classroom. Definitely going in the idea file.

  2. OH, poor Amahli!! I hope she gets better soon. That lip gloss looks super fun to try. I wonder if you could use something like coconut oil to make it a little more 'crunchy' (organic). Hmmmm, my wheels are turning. Here's hoping to your break only getting better from here!!

  3. I will be keeping that little cherub in my prayers, along with the rest of your family. Have fun next week!