Monday, July 18, 2011

Jam drops

I cut rapunzels hair in the holidays... its so freakin long and curly and gets impossible to do... then I cut it and forget that curly hair shrinks...

And I regret it :( Only the second time shes ever had it cut and she loves it :) Hopefully the curls will come back after the shock

Im back :)

Actually the sad thing is... I never left :(
We were all too sick to travel to Sydney to see my folks so we lay around the house and didnt really do much of anything. Quite possibly the worst two weeks of my life... and definitely the worst school holidays.. I had so many cool things to do!

Luckily enough though, we have been well for a few days now and so we have had a little bit of family time which was great. We took a few mini road trips on little adventures which was a nice break from being stuck inside. I love exploring our world here and havent really done much of it since we moved here 6 years ago. But we got out and day tripped to Camden Haven ( for bacon and egg rolls and a Geocache) and also to North Brother Mountain ( in the pouring rain which my gang though was hilarious) and got some gorgeous fresh air into stuffy lungs.
Makes such a difference :)
I left the camera at home for this last week... something about spending time without the need to click the whole time was good for a break ( plus most of our trips involved very wet weather!) but has left me with a bit of a yearning to get back behind the black mask ( otherwise known as my camera). Hopefully tomorrow I can get up early for sunrise :)

So, today, on our very last day of holidays, we got to baking. Jumeirah had a whole list of things she wanted to cook during the holidays but we didnt get much of it done so we will try and do a new recipe once a week after school.
Today though, she wanted to make Jam Drops. Easy recipe, great results!

What you need:

225g (8oz) self raising flour
100g (4 oz) butter
100g ( 4oz) caster sugar
1 medium egg
1 tablespoon milk
50g (2oz) jam

Start by turning the oven on to 200c ( 400f) and grease a baking tray.

Rub the butter through the flour, then stir in the sugar.

Break the egg in another bowl and add milk. Whisk together and then combine in the flour mixture. Sprinkle flour on a clean work surface. Press the mixture together to form a ball and then put it on your work surface.
Cut the ball in half.Then cut each half into three pieces Then, cut each of the pieces in half. You should end up with 12 even sized pieces ( We didnt. It took me three attempts to read the instructions and get this bit right).

Squeeze each piece into a round shape and place on the baking tray. Make a dent in each piece with your finger and fill it with a teaspoon of jam.

Bake for ten minutes.
DONT eat them straight away as the jam is HOT!!!

These turned out really cute and pretty tasty too. I will probably add a tiny bit of vanilla next time but for our first attempt, all were eaten and enjoyed. ( Even if half of them were enjoyed my me).

What have you baked lately?? Any good easy recipes out there??


  1. We made cupcakes this weekend, spritz cookies last week, and I am hoping to make chocolate chip cookies with the kiddos today.
    Her hair looks good. It will grow and you will be happy, then she will probably want to cut it again. :P

  2. Her hair looks so dark in those first shots. it sure is pretty, but long hair on little girls can be a real pain! Those cookies look yummy, and super easy. I made some oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies last week from this collection of cookies:
    I didn't use her recipe for the chocolate chip cookie, but I should have. I didn't like mine very much. Next time I'll try a gooier one. These were a little too dry for so much cookie. But I'm not complaining TOO much!!

  3. Thanks for the recipe! Just made the biscuits with my four-year-old daughter Jones. She only wants to bake if it involves rubbing butter into flour, and my husband loves jam drops, so it was perfect. They taste great. Love your photos, too.