Wednesday, September 19, 2012

story time

Its been a very long time between posts... I have had the traumatic time of losing a very close part of my life... my PC. Now before you scoff, its not just my PC... but  months worth of photos as well.

Now you may gasp in horror ( Ill even leave a pause)

Now Im not panicking... yet. My IT guru husband assures me he can retrieve it from the desktop somehow. But for the past week Ive been pretty much internetless nad very much photoshopless ( I lost all actions and everything in photoshop too but thanks to a friend who rescued me last time through multiple emails, I have managed to reload that all back tonight on my sparkly new computer)

So whilst I wait patiently for all my photos from the last few months, here is some I forgot to blog about that were still on the camera ;)

A little while ago, Jumeirah came home telling me she had to do a project on "Cam the cameleon" ( a stuffed toy cameleon from school) overnight. The idea was we would take Cam on an adventure to a wetland.

Thinking this could be more fun that first thought, I grabbed my camera and we set out.
What followed was a very funny afternoon with a stuffed toy, two kids just happy to be out in the "jungle, and one child who was able to breathe life into a stuffed toy and give him a great little adventure.

This is how it went.

(as told by Jumeirah aged 7)

Once there was a cameleon called Cam and a little girl named Jumeirah. They decided to go on a wetland adventure.
As they arrived at the boardwalk, Cam looked in surprise at the huge paperbark trees. 
He walked on till he found a creek. "I can see me!" he exclaimed.
Jumeirah held him tight so he could look closer without falling in.
Cam sat on a log for awhile, enojying the cool of the forest and the sounds of the birds. It was so peaceful.
Cam decided that  this was the best place to look up at the tops of the trees and clouds. And they went home very happy after their wonderful adventure.
Once we had the photos and printed them off, we made it into a book. It got me thinking of other "friends"of the stuffed variety that we could use in stories and take on adventures and how fun that would be to turn into a book!

Think we might have to do this again in the holidays : ( YAY!! HOLIDAYS IN TWO MORE SLEEPS!!)

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