Tuesday, September 11, 2012

chore chart that works!!

Since Ive been able to get my kids to do jobs, Ive tried ways to get them to do it without the nag ( oh, how I HATE the nag). I havent found that bribery, threats or tears from me have worked all that effectively, so I decided to try something a little more visual.

All my kids are really visual beings. Much like their mum, both girls love writing and crossing off lists, and all have loved tasks when I write them out for them to see. So I created a really visual way for them to see what jobs need to be done and what they get paid for to do it.

Of course there are jobs that dont get paid for, and they know they cant start the paid ones until the unpaid ones are done first. And if they choose not to do their unpaid jobs and I do it for them, I get to pick a job for them to do that is normally mine. ( Thanks to the friend who suggested that awesome tip!)

So we worked out some jobs today and talked about how much it was worth, and what they could save for with the money they earn. All have wish lists ranging from a $1 bag of lollies to a dolphin ( amahli wants the dolphin) ( havent worked out if its supposed to be real yet, Im afraid to ask).

And so I typed out the jobs, added the value, printed, laminated ( yup, gotta have a laminator!) and magnetted them. Cleared a space on the fridge and told them about it, and waited to see how it would work.

I watched them play outside all afternoon, but when called to come in, all seemed to gravitate to the new things on the fridge.... and so it began.

I was truly shocked at how well it worked. I know that Jared really hates having to clean his room, but really enjoys vacuuming ( or feeding the monster as he calls it). Jumeirah went and did the kids bathroom and did a better job than me. And Amahli happily hung out a full load of washing completely by herself whilst singing so I knew she was happy too.

Once done, all three came to hunt me down for the cash..... luckily I knew earlier that I never have money on me but didnt want them to lose heart and not do it because I am forever promising it to them. I typed and printed ( yes and laminated) money values and placed them in a jar. They can take the money value and put it in their money box, and as soon as either I have money or they want to buy something, they can trade the card in for real money.

I am really hoping this system works for a bit longer.... I think having goals for them all will help but will see how it goes!!

How do you get kids to do jobs at your house?? How much do they have to do and how poor do you end up being????? :)

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