Friday, May 4, 2012

treasure bags

Wow what a week we've had!! I have much to write about the lessons we've learnt this week but Ill fill you in tomorrow when I have more time :)

At the end of our rainy week last week, Jumeirah was desperate to go out. She'd convinced me to take them to the beach to do what they love to do best " treasure hunting". But at the last moment as we were buckling up in the car, the heavens opened so much that we couldnt even get out of the street.
Not to be dismayed, Jumeirah came up with the great idea of making our own treasure bags for the beach so that when the rain let up a bit we could go test them out and collect some cool things. I was well keen as it meant that my pockets wouldnt be full of sand and treasures!!

So I gave her some fabric and she set off with two little helpers and a head full of designs.

Once she had finished her drawings, we picked some fabrics and got out the sewing machine and began to turn them into the cutest little treasure bags :)

Whoops... Jumeirahs design may have accidentally been added wrong... she didnt mind it was upside down :)

So awesome to have a little creative brain following me up. LOVE it :)

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  1. Very cool. What kind of treasures did they put in them?