Wednesday, May 16, 2012

cutting circles kandinsky style.. again!

Nearly 3 years ago, Jumeirah and I started talking about the artist Kandinsky. We talked about one particular artwork he did that was all circles and we created some art pieces using cut circles of different sizes. Today, I gave Jared the same activity. I had traced the circles out, and gave him scissors to cut them out.

Stupidly, I grossly underestimated him, again. I wasnt sure he was going to be able to cut them all out, thinking he'd give up after cutting out 3. But he didnt. I didnt think he'd be able to cut the circle shape out much at all. But he did :) All but one, which had a few flat corners to which he said " its ok Mum, its a hexagon (!) instead".
I then gave him the task of sorting out the shapes and colours into correct sizes, and then to group them into three piles of different size and colour. He was able to do all of this and more to the point, he was excited that he was totally capable of doing this.

I asked him to glue them down, and we stood back and admired his handiwork :)

This kid surprises me more and more each day. I am so lovin this amazing little guy.


  1. He sure is one awesome little guy. Surely the project you did with Jumeirah was not that long ago. I remember that.

  2. apparently in october 09!!! crazy hey!!