Thursday, May 10, 2012

toy adventures

( still havent finished my other story yet.. its coming!)

All week Ive had troubles trying to get photos on here... finally today its being agreeable!

Over the weekend, Jumeirah had a project for school to do. It was to take class cameleon ( toy one) on an adventure to a wet or dry place and talk about it.
So, sunday afternoon, Jared, Jumeirah, Cam the cameleon and me went on an adventure.
Jumeirah wasnt overly keen, until she could see the plans in my eyes and then she was curious as the what I had in store.

We went down to the end of our street where there is a boardwalk and a paper bark forest. Its a beautiful spot and the perfect place to explore a wet land.
So I showed Jumeirah how we could use cam as though he were real.... and away it went.


He got into trees, raced off ahead of us, found his reflection in the water, pondered what a wet land was like, sat in the cool of the trees... we had a blast wondering what it would be like to actually be an animal in a rainforest.

Cam racing off...

Cam pondering life in a tree....

I totally would recommend this cute fun idea. It really opens up a new world when you look at things through the eyes of a toy :)

Checking out his reflection...

When we got home I was informed that LOTS of others of our stuffed friends ( of the toy variety) were keen to have their own adventures so we are planning a book to make about each of them :)


  1. What a fun day! Is that the same park you took that awesome photo of Amahli and Jared holding hands walking down a path at?
    Cam looked like he enjoyed his time. I love how he was pondering life. ;)

  2. yes its the same place :) Such a beautiful spot.
    cam had a ball :)