Monday, December 12, 2011

christmas cupcake art

We have had some crazy weather lately... wet and cold, then hot, then full blown storms... we got stuck with one late last week and so I needed an indoor activity to amuse two littles.
The request was for cooking so we somehow found all the things to make cupcakes :)
Amahli was more than excited to help with pouring and even cracking the egg was fun this morning :)
Jared was keen to help but his role was more about making sure the oven was on, finding patty pans, fixing the timer. It was great to see them working together to get a job done.
Once the cupcakes were cooked, we let them cool and I had a great idea for decorating them. I iced them with white icing ( icing sugar and milk, I made it really thick) and let them go solid in the fridge for half and hour.
Once hardened, I gave them some food colouring and cotton buds so they could paint on the top! The idea was that they were going to paint Christmassy things but they were just more keen to paint :)

I left some for Jumeirah to do once she got home from school. She really enjoyed decorating them... but all three enjoyed eating them more.
Well, at least the icing anyways ;)


  1. Okay, those last two are priceless. Jumeirah looks so funny and Amahli just looks like a sweet angel.
    That one of Amahli is very,very good...seriously. I keep scrolling up to look at it.

  2. heehehe its so her... shes a freaking nut case ;)