Thursday, December 15, 2011


Last year I discovered a love of Bokeh. I researched how to do it, and off I went in search of pretty Christmas lights :)
For hours I sat and tried to capture this beautiful effect with very little success. Throughout the year though, I have practised and learned this cool art and finally, with Christmas upon us, I have mastered the art of BOKEH.

Ok, so maybe you dont think its cool?? Well wait :) Cos now Im off on a christmas tree light hunt!
At the moment, my littlest angel is incredibly sick and so today swung from the tv, to curling up with her, to a movie, to a snooze.... much to Jumeirahs dismay it was fairly craft free.
Tomorrow I am off to Sydney to shoot a wedding ( I know, the butterflies are only just at bay but Im SO excited) so I wont be here until next week.... hopefully Ill have lots of Bokeh to show you ;) Oh, and some cool christmas craft :)

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  1. First I love the bokeh. Second, poor Amahli. I will be praying for her. Thirdly, oh a wedding! How exciting!