Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the beginnings of Christmas

I worked it out :)
That weird, disconnected feeling?? Its because I TOTALLY was. I was fussing most of the day with washing, tidying, cleaning, retidying.. never really getting anything done and not spending any time at all with the littles I love.
When I fixed that ( clean only for an hour in the morning) by settling with them by 10am and playing until we had finished ( anywhere from half and hour to 2 hours) I felt so much better in myself and was able to clean with a purpose instead of just filling time.
So to fix it, I started by setting up the tables the night before with some activities that they could sit and do with me.
Yesterdays activities looked like this:
Letter boards and story stones
Marble transfering

And we began our Christmas craft :)
The christmas tree shape activity I designed myself in about 2 minutes in a word doc, printed it out, cut the triangles out and we were ready to start.
Amahli and our little Monday friend really enjoyed sitting and working out how the triangles went. Jared flew through his with minimal help, and he didnt even really flinch at the glue :)

I love a productive morning.
Stay tuned tomorrow when I show you our new addition to the Mumma Made It clan.... ;)


  1. Okay, I am doing the triangle tree. Cole and Charley will love it. I will use glue sticks because my kids go absolutely nuts for glue sticks. They are weirdos.

  2. ha yes glue sticks would have been heaps easier!!karina