Monday, February 18, 2013

little things


2013 is BIG. And hard. And CRAZY.

I have been completely turned on my head. Jumeirah is now in 3rd class ( which Im kinda sorta ok with), Jared has now begun Kindergarten ( which he is TOTALLY blissed out with and I am trying hard to be ok with ) and Amahli is now at preschool two days a week ( which is where I fall apart juts a bit more).

I have two days to myself and its something I dont like.... yet. I walk around feeling very lonely, cleaning the house which makes me feel so housewifey and I HATE that feeling, wondering how each of my cherubs are doing and who's looking out for them. Its an unerving feeling, to not know if they are ok.
But Im getting there :)

At the beginning of the year I kind of decided  that I would no longer blog, seeing as I only have a child at home for two days ( one other day is swimming/library/ run around like a crazy person day)
and it didnt seem worth it.
But today, we were at  home and she asked me " Mum when will it be my turn to do something fun and crafty?" and I realised that whilst Ive had two days so far with just her and me, we havent been all that productive and more shoppy which  I also hate. ( one 4 year old and just and hour in the shops can be REALLY expensive!!!!)
So I got some things sorted for her and realised that it was probably time to let her have some more moments by herself on this little blog of mine before I finally finish it when I lose her to school too ( its ok, I have a year to prepare for that one :) )

And so we had a great day, and I photographed it. Admittedly, its all on the iphone, its quick and easy and less invasive, and its also nothing overly new. But it wasnt until I was reading over some old posts that I realised I have so much in here that shes never  done and so its time I actually used some of these activities for myself!!

and so this is today :)

And this is all the things I gave this gorgeous kid in doing these activities.....

1. Threading. Its a piece of plastic canvas ( find it at spotlight or other crafty shops) and a blunt big needle and thread. Encourages hand/ eye coordination, patience, creativity. Theres no end to this, its an open ended fun thing to do.

2. walking the dog. Encourages looking after something other that herself ( a BIG skill to learn) healthy living, and exploring our world. It also works of directions ( we do heaps of left/ right turns) road safety, and builds muscles.

3. Hanging out her own washing. One of her most favourite things to do as she can do it completely without my help. Im blessed to have two clotheslines and both lay flat on the wall so she can pretty much hang a full load out! We work together, I do my line she does hers. Its awesome for learning a life skill, hand eye co ordination, conversation and helping someone else.

4.walking in the rain. I love to walk in the rain. Lots of parents I know dont let their kids do it but hte world is SO different if you step outside like this.... we talked about what happens to puddles and creeks when it rains ( fills up more, makes beautiful sounds, makes patterns in the puddles) and the sounds you can hear when it rains... water running down the road, the steam hissing from hotter parts of the road, the LOUD crickets and frogs who love the rain. We talked about how the colours are brighter and how leaves collect water for the birds... I love walking with kids in the rain :)

So Im back, sort of, I think. I hope to be able to still share some things to do with your kids and I hope you are still inspired to go try something new.

Id love to hear about it if you do!!

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