Friday, January 4, 2013

icecream/cake shop: sand play

For Christmas this year I made something for Amahli I knew she'd love.

We are often at the beach. The two bigs are ALWAYS in the water but littlest Miss likes to sand play too. I wanted to make her a beach set a little different from just the usual bucket and spade and so I started looking around for something different...

I came across some cheap icecream scoops in Spotlight and it kinda took off from there!

The kit contained : ( sorry I havent taken a photo of it un-sandy yet!)

three icecream scoops

one waffle cone

3 other style cones

and about 16 little patty pans... ( some flexible plastic from Go lo)

All three absolutely LOVE it. And late yesterday arvo when it was gloomy and overcast and no one wanted to swim, all of them sat together for over an hour creating a gourmet cake and icecream shop :)

not an overly expensive kit, but something so different we had half the kids at the beach wanting to play!!

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