Wednesday, July 3, 2013

honouring daddy

We are on school holidays here :) Something I absolutely love, having us together, no school, no timeline, just freedom and no plans :)

Yesterday, I took the kids to the movies. As the movie started, Amahli turned to me with a sad face and said "Why isn't daddy here?" I quickly explained that he was at work and couldn't be here... nad it occurred to me that in the eyes of my kids, daddy is always "at work". He works hard, and sometimes long hours, and often all weekends. I wanted to help them realise that daddy couldn't always come on our adventures, but that he was working hard for a reason. And that reason was them.

And so I talked on the way home that daddy works hard to help us as a family. So we can do things like go on holidays, buy clothes and food, go out for dinner... all the fun things we like to do. It isn't something he enjoys ALL the time but he does it for us as a family. I wanted to encourage a night where we honour daddy and all he does for us :)

And so it began.

We talked menus, daddys favourite food, drew pictures, made cards, set the table, bought flowers.
They totally got into it and the more we set up and planned, the more ideas they had and the more they wanted to do cool things to say thanks.

Jared got out his favourite post work trackies and tshirt and a pair of socks ( slippers went missing somehow). Amahli helped set the table and helped me shop for the ingredients to make homemade pizzas. Jumeirah made an awesome card with "for a man who works hard" card and picked the flowers. It was a total team effort.

When he finally got home from work, Jumeirah explained why the house was set up and looking fancy. I think he was pretty chuffed, I hope he realised how much we appreciate all he does :)

I totally encourage you to do this for someone in your own life that works to make life easier. It doesn't take much, but it can totally make someones day :)

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