Wednesday, March 6, 2013

indoor fun

Yet again, two weeks in a row, we have been hit with yet more flooding in our region.
Not quite as severe as the week before, but enough to again cut off parts of Port and cause wide spread damage.
Im not sure how the beaches will ever be the same..... this photo is our version of snow... dirty flying foam!

And so again, we were stuck inside for a weekend. I did take them to the beach for a quick walk but after finding a cow ( or sheep, we arent quite sure) washed up on the beach and  torn in two, we decided to head home.

Now, mostly I am fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda mum. But sometimes I do things REALLY awesomely. Like at christmas and birthdays, I hide half of the booty so that when its crap weather or school holidays or anything like that, we have stuff to do! Its usually all the crafty stuff, and no one has ever really noticed.
But today, when the ferals were reaching their peak, I pulled out the coolest idea ( from jareds birthday two years ago!!)

Make your own jet fighter planes. 4 pack!

And so planes were made and flung around the house for a good hour. ( I hid for part of it but came out a couple of times so as not to get left out ; ))

And then the plan changed to go fly them in the rain! Sure! Go get wet!! And so they did :)

Such fun.... lasted most of the worst of the rainy day, burnt off stored energy, and saved me from the dreaded "Im BORED!"

what are your tricks for rainy days??

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