Sunday, December 16, 2012

christmas trees

Gosh its been ages since Ive been in here.... with having a massive few weekends, preschool ending and nearly the end of school, orientation for someone whos going to school next year ( but we arent talking about that) and someone else that starts preschool! ( but we arent talking about that either!), massive amounts of work editing photo shoots and then to top it off, a broken computer.... Ive not had a chance to do ANYTHING!

But we have still been crafting sometimes, and Ive a couple of cool things to show still... I have no idea what will happen next year so I cant promise Ill be in here forever but it seems strange to think I may ned up stopping it. Its been such a huge chunk of our lives, its almost all of Amahlis life, and its been wonderful to connect with others who've gone out and done lots of the craft Ive shown!

Something cool we did the other day when I had 5 seconds to do an activity was to make christmas trees. Originally it was going to be to make some christmas cards but it does take a little while to do so we jut made one each :)

I gave each of them a slightly different method, to match skill level and ability. For Amahli, I drew three triangles for her to cut out, arrange in size order and then glue to make a tree. She loves to cut paper but needed a bit of encouragement to actually cut the triangle and not do too much free form.

Jared had strips to cut up, then had to arrange in size order, then glue. His took a bit longer but Im finding that hes really enjoying spending time instead of racing through things... must be a sign bes ready for school ( NOOOOOO!!!)

They both were really proud of the efforts and result of this cute little christmas craft :)

what are you making these days ???

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