Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday cross craft

I wasnt going to blog tonight.. its Good Friday.
But I wanted to show you an amazing sight I saw tonight, and also the great little craft I did with Jumeirah today. I found this craft at Teachkidsart yesterday and Jumeirah was totally taken by it she wanted to do it too. Its really simple, but so so effective.

We started with a foam sheet ( you can use a foam tray that you get from the fruit shop) and cut out the shape of a cross.

Using foil, we covered the cross but kept the foil really flat and smooth.

I gave Jumeirah a scrapbooking tool used for embossing but you could use a ball point pen or even a pencil for this craft.

Then she drew a pattern which embossed into the foil and foam.

( The pattern is very similar to the Teach kids art example as she really liked the hearts and tree idea). It turned out absolutely beautiful and ist now hung in the kitchen.

I didnt realise something so simple would turn out so eye catching.

Tonight, hubbin called me outside to view the lightning that was caught in a very angry cloud.

He told me to go to the lighthouse so I could go try and get a photo....

Tonight, on Good Friday

The Heavens dared us to try and ignore

the perfect timing

of a party like this :)

Happy Easter.. see you on Tuesday!


  1. Great craft idea, may have to steal that one :) and amazing photos! Happy Easter my dear friend!

  2. The cross turned out great.
    Oh, I love those pictures. What a cool hubby to tell you to go take pictures. Mine usually rolls his eyes.

  3. Beautiful! What a nice idea.

  4. Love this for students, thank you! your pictures are amazing keep clicking!

  5. would be great if you could do this one on youtube. I need lots of instruction

  6. Can I use the cross craft idea?

  7. I'll be using this for my Church School kids this Lent. That's a beautiful cross and your photos of the sky were amazing. Thank you!

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  10. thank you for sharing. So beautiful. Happy good friday.